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The Society has recently been expanding its work substantially both here and overseas. We have undertaken
  • work in Tanzania which has reached thousands of young people and where we plan a new edition of the classic Kiswhahili Prayer Book
  • a complete new volume of Catechesis to teach the faith in Parishes: I am His
  • arranged colloquia around the country on Daily Prayer and on Marriage

And now we are planning a major conference on Anglicanism Catholic and Reformed in February 2017.

All this has taken major investment, so there could be no better time to donate in support of our work !

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Anglicanism Catholic & Reformed Conference starts on Thursday 16th !

The Society looks forward with growing anticipation of the Conference opening in Savannah all being well on Thursday 16th February and the revised schedule for the conference  can be seen below. It is with deep regret that, on account of an acute episode of spinal pain,  Bishop Geoffrey Rowell has had to cancel all his overseas engagements for the next few months and will therefore not be able to join us and we send our fervent prayers and good wishes for his speedy recovery. The…

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New Print Edition of Anglican Way (Winter 2017)

The Editor of the Anglican Way, Dr Roberta Bayer, is pleased to announce that the next edition of the Society's Magazine is currently on its way to subscribers. To read online, the Magazine may be downloaded here: download If you are not yet on our mailing list for the Magazine do please sign up online on this site at http://www.pbsusa.org/contribute/  or via AnglicanWay.org  our companion site. (more…)

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A draft Programme for Anglicanism Catholic & Reformed 16-18 February

[caption id="attachment_1517" align="aligncenter" width="612"]     Lutherans departing from Salzburg in 1732, whence some later settled in Georgia USA[/caption]   The Following draft program for the coming conference has been announced (though it remains subject to change): Thursday 16th February 12.15    Introductions and overview of the conference    (in St John’s Church) The Revd. Fr. Gavin Dunbar, President of the Prayer Book Society USA, The Revd. Canon Alistair Macdonald-Radcliff, PBS   12.30    Opening Session…

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Some Historical Background to the PBS Conference

  History records that the Episcopal Church in America was very nearly Lutheran.  This is because in 1783, when American Anglicans came to Britain to resolve how they might establish their own indigenous episcopate, their chosen bishop-elect had a distressingly difficult time. The Archbishop of Canterbury ‘received him “politely,” but was “cool and restrained.” The Bishop of London gave him personally a “cordial reception,” but “was not disposed to take the lead in the matter.”,’…

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