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The Society is continuing to expand its work substantially both here and overseas. We have undertaken
  • our first Conference in some decades, this last February and are now planning the next on 24-26th January 2018 in Savannah
  • a complete new volume of Catechesis to teach the faith in Parishes entitled: I am His
  • work in Tanzania which has reached thousands of young people and where we plan a new edition of the classic Kiswhahili Prayer Book
  • arranged colloquia around the country on Daily Prayer, Marriage and Liturgical Revision with further ones planned on Apologetics and Catechesis

All this has taken major investment, so there could be no better time to donate in support of our work !

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Colloquium in Dallas on Liturgy Revision and dates for the 2018 PBS Conference are Announced

The Society will  hold its next colloquium on 20th October in Dallas (on Liturgical Revision) with a further one  planned for 13th January in Washington D.C. (on Apologetics)  and third on Catechesis. The Society is also pleased to have announced the dates for the next (and now it is hoped Annual) Conference in January of 2018 - further details follow:   Revising the Liturgy of the Episcopal Church: Can a thousand flowers bloom ? This…

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We are pleased to announce that the latest edition of the Society's Journal is now available in print and online THE ANGLICAN WAY Vol 40, No. 2  Summer 2017  AW-vol40no2_Web                                                                                              …

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Science and Faith at the PBS Conference and Two Panel Discussions

  Dr Paul Julienne gave a presentation on the question : How should science and faith relate to one another? Audio of the Session is now available https://anglicanway.org/2017/05/22/audio-session-science-faith-pbs-conference-2017/ In addition Audio is now available of two panel discussions: In the First one, Dr Arnold Klukas opened a discussion of the challenges facing the Anglican liturgical heritage if it is to preserve authentic continuity.  He was joined in reflecting upon the different contexts of the United States, Canada…

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Additional Audio Files of Sessions from the 2017 PBS Conference

Audio recordings are now also available of the following PBS 2017 Conference Sessions     The Public Authority of the Church in the Cranmerian Tradition,  By Dr. Joan O'Donovan   An incarnational Reading: A Tractarian View of the Authority of Scripture By Dr. George Westhaver, Principal of Pusey House Oxford   “The Holy Scriptures, or That Which Is Agreeable to the Same”: The Scriptural Catholicity of the Prayer Book By Dr. Jesse Billet, of Trinity…

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Audio of further Sessions of the PBS 2017 Conference are now available

The Society is delighted to be able to make available now further recordings of the main additional Sessions of the 2017 Conference although it is still intended to issue a printed version of the Papers presented also in due course. The Sessions now available include   Professor Oliver O'Donovan on Sanctification   and Fr. Gavin Dunbar on The nature and future of the Reformation liturgy https://anglicanway.org/2017/05/22/audio-professor-oliver-odonovan-fr-gavin-dunbar-pbs-conference-2017/     Dr. Neil Robertson Professor of Humanities, University of King’s College…

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